Jun 042009

I adapted a little program to help with a dual monitor setup and two separate X screens. It allows you to configure the X screens to be apart (so that you can play games without having the mouse cross over), but still have the convenience of a crossing cursor when needed.

For a little more detail see http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Dual_Monitors#Switchscreen.


  • Deprecated Warning: This utility will now be developed as part of DualscreenMouseUtils. Check there for the newest release.
  • Bugfix: place cursor on the correct x coordinate after switching screens2008-08-15 : Download v0.3b
  • Bugfix: screens can now have different resolutions.2008-08-13 : Download v0.3
  • Small update: detect current screen reliably, option to specify the relation of the two screens.Download v0.2

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