Jul 242012

So in the day and age where webmail clients are a common access method for email, why are some people still using a native email client? Maybe they’re used to it, or maybe they like it that they offer different usability options. Yes, you can more easily customize an application than a website where any change potentially impacts all your user base.

But then how is it possible that these applications, which have been around a long time, can’t get what seems to be basic options for the power user right? I for one would like to have a sensible default sort order in Thunderbird: I would like to sort by the order the email was received, which allows me to quickly notice new emails, while also seeing a threaded view to accomodate email lists threads.

This is not an unusual configuration, for example gmail works pretty much exactly like that. But how is it possible that this configuration is really difficult to get right in Thunderbird? There is a bug to this extend open since 2004! That is a sad state of desktop applications.


P.S. Yes, it is open source, and we all can contribute, but that can program knows it’s not so easy to do this for such a large software project.

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