Mar 112013

I recently started using the awesome window manager again. Running into some issues, I wanted to try out the git master version, but not replace my stable installation.

The recipe is:

  1. Build it for installation in $HOME and install it.
    cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=$HOME/opt/awesome
    make install
  2. Create a testing wrapper script awesome-xephyr and put it into $PATH:
    if [ -z "$AWESOME" ]; then
    $AWESOME -k "$@" || exit 1
    Xephyr :1 -ac -br -noreset -screen 1152x720 &
    sleep 1
    DISPLAY=:1.0 $AWESOME "$@" &
    echo "Press ENTER to kill Xephyr"
    read a
    kill $awesome_pid
    kill $xephyr_pid
  3. Run it
    # ;; means the default lua search path
    export AWESOME_PREFIX=$HOME/opt/awesome
    export RC=$HOME/.config/awesome/git.lua  # copied from .build.../awesomerc.lua and adjust the beautiful.init theme path
    LUA_PATH=";;$AWESOME_PREFIX/share/awesome/lib/?.lua;$AWESOME_PREFIX/share/awesome/lib/?/init.lua" \
    AWESOME=$AWESOME_PREFIX/bin/awesome \
    exec awesome-xephyr -c $RC

P.S. You can possibly tweak this to work without the make install directly from the .build directory.

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