Feb 042010

Two small utilities for use with old-school dual head setups: namely not
twinview / one big desktop, but rather two X screens. See gentoo wiki for some setup help.

I use this setup because the wrapping the mouse is very smooth, it is very useful to have the logical separation of both screens and now I can easily switch focus and mouse between them just by using the keyboard. Additionally, when I play some nice games in wine, I can lock the mouse into each individual screen, and by need be switch by using the keyboard shortcut.

You xorg.conf needs to contain something similar to:

Section "ServerLayout"
        Identifier      "Default Layout"
        Screen          0 "Screen 0" 3000 0
        Screen          1 "Screen 1" 0 0 #leftOf "Screen 0"

for these utilities to work.


Change the mouse cursor from one screen to the other. Remembers the previous
mouse position for each screen.

The previous mouse-switchscreen has been renamed to mouse-wrapscreen (see below), since the name was confusing.


If you have an xorg.conf where both X screens are “separated” on the X
coordinates, then the mouse cursor cannot cross. Which is sometimes desired,
and sometimes not. Using mouse-wrapscreen you can configure them to be
“uncrossable”, and then run it in the background when you do want to be able
to cross the cursor.

Warning (2010-02-04): Mouse-wrapscreen seems to lock up the X server after a recent upgrade on my system. The symptom is that the cursor will just jump back and forth between screens, preventing any other interaction between the user and the X server. The reason is unknown, probably mouse-wrapscreen is triggering a bug in X. If you have any further information or ideas, please contact the author.

”Note: Both use XWarpCursor, which was necessary with xorg 7.4. I haven’t tried
it on older versions of xorg.”

Both tools are based on a program by David Antliff. See the header of the
respective .c files for a brief changelog.


  • 0.5 (2009-05-17)
    Update for xorg 7.4 and integrate “switchscreen” (prev. homepage is defunct)


Related work

There is switchscreen out there by Sampo Niskanen, however it does not seem to remember the mouse position for each screen.

  2 Responses to “DualscreenMouseUtils”

  1. Hi David
    Just dowloaded dualscreen-mouse-utils-0.5.tar.gz.
    I noticed a missing colon for “s” in arg parsing:

    - while ((c = getopt_long(argc, argv, "f:hvVs", long_options, NULL)) != -1)
    + while ((c = getopt_long(argc, argv, "f:hvVs:", long_options, NULL)) != -1)

    (This causes a nil-dereference when calling the program w/ -s)
    Cheers Bernd

  2. […] 针对这个问题以前也搜索过,但是没找到什么好方法。这两天不死心继续搜索,发现一个叫做dualscreen-mouse-utils的工具,但是在我的Fedora21系统上却工作不正常。那个mouse-switchscreen一直报错,我不懂X编程,无能为力了…… […]

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