Nov 282009

Version 0.1, released 2008-07-20
This program is deprecated. Please now use checkcopy, which has more functionality and is more reliable.

This program will copy one or more files / directories to a destination,
and compute an md5 checksum on the fly. Currently the .md5 files are generated
per directory.


The source files / directories have to be specified on the command line. Then
a dialog will pop up asking you for the destination, unless it was also
specified on the command line (-d switch).

This should allow easy bindings in file managers.


  Similarly to how `cp' works, md5copy currently overwrites destination
  files without warning!

The checksum will be saved in one .md5 file per directory. So if you have a
layout like:

    (some files)
    (some files)

you would end up with the following checksum files:

  • a/sub1/sub1.md5
  • a/sub2/sub2.md5

Note that there is no a/a.md5, because there were no files (just directories)
inside of a/.

I recommend the program cfv to verify files. cfv has the ‘-r’ switch, which
allows you to verify a whole directory structure copied with md5copy.


At the moment md5copy is slightly unoptimized to copy a large number of small files, since the total size of the copy operation is calculated first.

The mhash library is used to compute the checksum. This should make md5copy pretty reliable, and at no point in testing there was ever an incorrect checksum.

md5copy should be pretty fast. The reading part was inspired by GNU coreutil’s md5sum. GUI, copy and hashing are all run in separate threads, so the hashing should not slow down the copying (although this statement has not benchmarked very well).


md5copy requires the following libraries to be installed:

  • gtk+ toolkit:
    it was tested with gtk 2.12.11, but probably gtk 2.10 would suffice
  • mhash library:
    it was tested with 0.9.9 (libmhash2 in Debian)

the manpage refers to 0.9.2, so I assume that’s the minimum required

Feedback / Bugs

I’m interested in feedback! Did it work fast? Could you tune something in settings.h? Did you find a bug? Let me know by sending an email to david at (remove the x. to get a valid email address)


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