Dec 142012

Working on refraction: This is the first attempt which just scattered the ray randomly when leaving the object (image uses 500 samples);

Ok this is as far as I got by the deadline… which is kind of a sad state of affairs. When leaving the object I am doing the same refraction equation again with no randomness involved but unfortunately it still looks very wrong (50 samples):

I will render a higher sample picture over night:

Dec 032012

Putting another sphere into the scene revealed that sometimes the reflections were wrong because a negative cos was calculated. The issue was that the change of basis was done incorrectly for transforming the samples. Now it looks sane:


But you can still see a strange highlight at the top of the bottom sphere. My reflectance just based on the cos term, using a real material property, like stainless steel, results in a normal looking bottom sphere (1000 samples):