Small Utilities


  • LenovoThinkpadT420s: How to configure with Linux
  • NFSGroupLimitations: getting permission denied inside of a NFS mount?
  • GrubTips: trying to boot Windows from a second hard drive?
  • GenerateCAST: review of software that helps in generating an AST for C
  • LircMsiTvAnywhere: How to configure the MSI TvAnywhere remote with !Linux/Lirc
  • DotAsoundrc: my alsa asoundrc with
    • 2ch -> 5.1 upmixing
    • dmix for cards without hardware mixer
    • rerouting for nforce based cards
    • stereo sound for skype
    • setup side speaker outputs as a ‘second’ soundcard

Small Link Collections

These sites don’t have much on them right now, but maybe someone will still find them useful.

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